Have you ever met anyone from Michigan? If you ask them where they’re from in Michigan, chances are they’ll do this thing where they’ll show you on their hand where they’re from in the state. I’ve provided a useful (I was going to say handy, but then I realized even I am not that bad) image of this phenomenon here for your reference (Courtesy of Great Lakes Echo).

Anyway, this extended story is because it’s my sincere hope that someday Michiganders will identify where they’re from by which of Michigan’s many craft breweries is closest. Seriously, look at all of the great beer in Michigan: Jolly Pumpkin, Dark Horse, Short’s, New Holland, and about 100 others, including Founders and Bell’s.

It’s these last two that ChurchKey will have in-house on Thursday, July 5.

Three rare brews, Bell’s Black Note Stout, Founders Frangelic Mountain Brown, and Devil Dancer Triple IPA will all be on draft.

Here’s what CK has to say about the beers:


From Bell’s, we have one of a very few kegs of the ever-elusive Black Note Stout…this beer is almost too good to be true: a blend of Bell’s Expedition Imperial Stout and Double Cream Stout matured in Bourbon barrels. Not to be outdone, Founders has provided kegs of Frangelic Mountain Brown–a hitherto tap room only one-off Strong Brown Ale brewed with Hazelnut Coffee–as well as Devil Dancer Triple IPA, a massive Imperial IPA of 12% abv, 112 IBUs that is literally dry-hopped with 10 different high alpha American hops!

So get some tasties and bring a Michigander with you. Teach them where these breweries are so they can stop with the hand thing and move on to the “I’m 10 miles from Bell’s” method that would be so much better.