Name: Hardywood Park Craft Brewing

Location: Richmond, VA

Type: Production

Available in DC Market: No

What you need to know: Among all of the craft beer creativity, experiments, and collaborations, “Integrity, Heritage, Inspired Creation” is helping one relatively local brewery to stay focused and create their own identity. Hardywood Park Brewing has only been producing beer for six months, but already you can taste the company’s passion in every beer. Simply put, Hardywood is new craft brewing that is poised for methodical growth by producing great beer through both traditional and innovative brewing. The Richmond Beer scene is alive and well.


Beer #1: Hardywood Mocha Belgique (American Porter / 7.2%)
Notes: A big and smooth porter with plenty of chocolate and coffee notes in the nose that finishes a bit dry. Nothing about this is overly sweet or sticky. The Belgian yeast adds a subtle spice and added complexity to this unique beer. A coffee lover’s dream come true with a realistic ABV for the style.

Beer Advocate: N/A (8 reviews)
Rate Beer: 88 overall, 26 style (12 ratings)

Beer #2: Hardywood Singel (Belgian Single / 6.2%)
Notes: A beautifully delicate beer that shows off the complexities that Belgian yeasts are known for. Singel pours a slightly hazy and bright golden color with a moderate fluffy head.

Beer Advocate: 88 (13 reviews)
Rate Beer:
87 overall, 92 style (19 ratings)

Summary: Of the 70+ SAVOR attendees, Hardywood might be the only brewery we got a chance to visit for the sole purpose of this profile.  Actually, that’s not true. I went for the beer. My brief tour and afternoon at Hardywood served as a great reminder of what I love about the spirit of craft brewing. Hardywood encompasses all those things and is on their way to great things.

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