No surprises here as this craft beer juggernaut enters 2012 as one of the largest brewers in the country. Abita Brewing, just outside New Orleans, Louisiana is no newcomer to the scene. Since its inception in 1982, Abita has slowly expanded their national foot print and now average over 100,000 BBL in over 40 states.

Let’s not be coy about this: Abita makes decent beer but often keeps the more interesting beers closer to their home market.  I cut my craft beer teeth on Turbodog and from time to time get an urge for this brown ale mainstay. But I have since become disenchanted with the brewery in general. As anticipated, this year’s event features a few of Abita’s ho-hum offerings that the vast majority of the crowd has probably had before.

Location: Abita Springs, LA

Type: Production

Available in DC Market: Yes


Beer #1: Abita Amber (Vienna Lager / 4.5%)

Beer Advocate: 77 (413 reviews)
Rate Beer: 22 overall, 41 style (690 ratings)

Notes: This medium body lager has slight bready sweetness and dry finish. A few hints of toffee and caramel with low bitterness round this out.

Beer #2: Abita Restoration Pale Ale (American Pale Ale / 5.0%)

Beer Advocate: 78 (185 reviews)
Rate Beer: 37 overall, 44 style (422 ratings)

Notes: This restrained Pale Ale offers balanced sweetness with floral bitterness both incorporated in subtle ways.  Abita starting brewing this beer in the wake of Hurricane Katrina and donates one dollar from every six-pack sold to help rebuild New Orleans. The beer became so popular that it is now brewed year-round.

Summary: One aspect I always enjoy about Abita that is often overlooked is the brewery’s consistency. When I’m enjoying a Turbodog or Strawberry Lager, I know what I’m in for. Despite how my palette and preferences have changed over the years, Abita still remains the pride of Louisiana beer and is due a lot of respect for paving the way for craft brewers everywhere. My only disappointment here is  that Abita is bringing two selections we have all more than likely had before. It’s SAVOR, step it up and send us something new and interesting!

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