Port City Brewing Company is set to release its second seasonal beer and only its  sixth beer overall since breaking ground in late 2010.  We first learned about Tidings Ale  a couple of months ago during the development stages, but just yesterday confirmed the details with Owner Bill Butcher.

“Tidings Ale is a strong Belgian style blond Ale. Jonathan and I could not decide between a Tripel and a Grand Cru, so we did kind of a mashup of the two styles, a cross between a traditional Tripel and sort of a Super Wit beer. We sourced local ingredients for this beer: Maryland wildflower honey and Virginia wheat. It will weight in around 7.8% alcohol, and is gently spiced with coriander, cardamom, fresh ginger, and grains of paradise.”  —  Bill Butcher

Tidings will be in short supply as it was limited to a single 90 barrel batch. That’s roughly 80 kegs and 550 cases. Port City is also hosting a special preview of Tidings this weekend at the tasting room prior to its official release on December 1st.

Don’t have time to get over to Port City this weekend ? No worries — stay tuned and we will keep you updated on which venues will have Tidings next month.

Ho Ho Ho !