Name: Caldera Brewing Company

Location: Ashland, Oregon

Type: Production brewery (although they do have a Tap House that serves their beers as well)

Available in DC Market?: Yes

What you need to know: Caldera Brewing Company is Oregon’s first brewery to brew and can its own beers. Like Victory Brewing Company, they use only whole flower hops, which they claim has a “cleaner” taste than pelletized hops. They brew on a 10 barrel system, which is surprising considering their pretty wide distribution, although admittedly a lot of that distribution is in the Beaver State. They also have a wide number of beers across a number of varieties. My favorite among these, since you asked, is their Vas Deferens Ale, which has the following description: “Caldera’s Vas Deferens Ale is a Belgian-style ale with a unique twist incorporating a little snip of this and a little snip of that. This is an extremely rare release, as this ale is not meant to reproduce.” Awesome. While Caldera is distributed to our area, I’ve only ever seen them at Comet Ping Pong on Connecticut Avenue. If you’ve seen them in other places you should let us know where in the comments!


Beer #1: Caldera Mogli

Notes: This is a doozy of a beer. Apparently, this is an imperial porter that was brewed for the Oregon Brewers Fest. There aren’t a ton of ratings on this beer (only four in BA, 5 in Ratebeer), but boy are they effusive in their praise. A dark black, big, boozy, bourbon-y porter with notes of chocolate, coffee, roast, and vanilla. This isn’t barrel-aged, but bourbon soaked oaked was involved in the brewing. If you’re into thick, chewy stouts and porters, this probably will be a must-have for you.
BeerAdvocate Grade: A+, 4 reviews
Ratebeer Grade: N/A; not enough ratings

Beer #2: Caldera IPA

Notes: I have to say I was frankly a little surprised by how well-reviewed this beer is. I remember it being a pretty good IPA with a huge citrusy nose but finishing really sweet, almost under-attenuated. I’m just one guy though, so don’t take my word for it. I think if this was an east coast IPA, I wouldn’t have batted an eye, because I’ve come to expect a maltier backbone to IPAs on the right coast, but out west I expect a pretty dry finish to go with my facesmashing hop profile. For all the hopheads out there, this will be a must-try I’m thinking, and the main reason why is the 94 score for style in Ratebeer. There are a ton of IPAs floating out there, so the IPA style score is one of the more competitive ones out there. A 94 is a feat.
BeerAdvocate Grade: A-, 303 reviews
Ratebeer Grade: 96 overall, 94 style

Summary: Caldera is a little-known brewery in DC, but I think SAVOR should be pretty busy for them. They’ll have the Mogli for the malt lovers and the IPA for the hopheads. And you’ll know about both because you read this profile! Hopefully Caldera will pick up a bunch of fans with their brews and we’ll be able to find them more and more in our area.

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