Meridian Pint has over a dozen 10%+ beers on draft tonight.

After promising to put on 18 10%+ beers last night on their Twitter and Facebook accounts if OPM canceled work for the federal government, Meridian Pint went ahead despite only a 2 hour delay. Even though you’ll likely have to wait until after work, there are plenty of DIPAs, Imperial Stouts, and Barleywines to last all night.

According to Beer Director, Sam Fitz, he also has backups for several of the kegs. Most are sixtels but half barrels of Black Chocolate Stout, Heavy Seas Below Deck Barleywine, and Smuttynose Wheat Wine were spotted among others last night when they were pulling the kegs out of storage. This doesn’t mean that they will all last into the weekend however, as Sam also stated they would take some of the big beers off on Friday to even out the selection.

So you should probably head over there tonight if you want to ensure your chance to sample some huge beers such as Dogfish Head World World Wide Stout and Olde School Barleywine or Avery’s Mephistopheles. Other choice selections include Allagash Fluxus, Sierra Nevada’s new Hoptimum (as well as the Brewer’s Reserve Barleywine and Strong Ale), and Bell’s Batch 10,000. (A full draft list is pictured below which was current as of lunch time.)

Also, don’t forget to check out their rare bottles list which includes the likes of out-of-market big names such as Russian River, Lost Abbey, and New Belgium. Check their Facebook page or Twitter account (@MeridianPint) for frequent updates. Sorry for the image, we’re having a little issue with it. Head on over there though!

Meridian Pint Draft Menu 1-27