It’s beginning to look a lot like Craftbeermas…

Adams Morgan craft beer haven The Black Squirrel will host a Great Lakes Christmas Party this Friday, December 3, from 6:30 until close.

They’re getting what they call a “mother-load shipment of this much fetishized brew” and are confident their supply will last them through the night.

The beer, which has run out shortly after tapping in several other bars across the city, including the Big Hunt (twice) and Churchkey, will be paired with Chef Gene Sohn’s holiday desserts, including a Christmas Ale bread pudding and a Christmas Ale eggnog custard. Gene will also be giving out Christmas cookies for your munching enjoyment.

For those feeling crafty, there will be a holiday cookie decorating in the upstairs lounge.

In the area and ready for some holiday cheer (of the traditional kind and/or the kind that comes with a proof)? Head on over to the Black Squirrel. But please don’t get on Santa’s naughty list. I only have so many favors I can call in with the big guy.