The Washington Post’s Express, that lovable weekday daily you get handed as you trudge into the Metro system, does a pretty comprehensive “Best Of” Washington feature every year. This feature allows Washingtonians to vote on their favorites in a ton of categories ranging from “Best Giraffe-Shaped Topiary Cookie Food Cart” to “Best Place to Run Through Sprinklers in Winter.” Like I said, comprehensive. They also do rankings for a whole bunch of beer and bar related categories. Best Beer List seems to be the category most pertinent to craft beer in D.C. There are other bar categories, sure, but they’re decided more on things like atmosphere and personnel than the actual beers being served. Last year, this category didn’t even exist, which is just the umpteenth indicator of craft beer’s growing presence in and around the District.

There are certainly a lot of candidates for best beer list, but Churchkey came away with it this year. The Brickskeller took second place, and R.F.D. took third. Certainly a number of bars worthy of honorable mentions this year as well.

Congratulations to Greg Engert and his staff at  Churchkey, who pick up this award and add it to a number of other accolades they’ve received this year!

Did The Express get it right? What’s your favorite beer list in the city? Let us know in the comments!