Another fabulous restaurant with a twist has opened its doors on H St. The Liberty Tree, owned by Scott Hamilton and Graig Gluffling, features dishes and beers inspired by New England history, culture, and flavor.

Hamilton came to DC ten years ago to “find a ‘real’ job,” but ended up bartending while crashing on his brother’s couch. He fell in love with restaurants and his passion led him to open Hamilton’s four years ago. A resident of the Capitol Hill neighborhood, he saw the great growth in the Atlas District and seized the opportunity. The Liberty Tree is beautifully inspired by American colonial history and takes its name from the Liberty Tree symbol born of the Sons of Liberty protest against the Stamp Act in Boston. The Sons of Liberty motto was “no taxation without representation.” As the restaurant’s website so astutely observes: In a city where the standard-issue license plate plays off that very phrase, what better name for a meeting place with the tastes of home?

Their beer selection (primarily bottle with four drafts) is about 50% New England brews with other selections being other favorites of the team. Hamilton says he hopes to continually expand the selection of New England beers, particularly with some smaller, lesser-known brews, so New England “ex-pats” will be able to have a taste of home. They are also keeping an eye to the weather, with rotating lists to feature seasonal favorites.

Hamilton and Gluffling introduced themselves to the area recently when they teamed up with the crew from Little Miss Whiskey’s for two beer dinners. When pairing, Hamilton says he likes to bring out complementary but also unexpected flavors in both the food and the beer. He believes that “unison” created by a pairing improve each part. Hamilton also said to be on the look out for another dinner hosted by Liberty Tree and Little Miss Whiskey’s on October 26.

While next spring and summer seems far away, Hamilton told me that they hope to have a patio open next year.


So, as the weather gets crisper and idyllic scenes of autumnal leaves strike the mood, be sure to stop by Liberty Tree and get to know Hamilton and Gluffling.

The Liberty Tree

1016 H St. NE

202.396.TREE (8733)