Are you a Washington Metro area beer lover who happens to be at the Great American Beer Festival this year? Or maybe you’re a beer lover who wants to live vicariously through the experiences of other DC folks who are tasting great beers at the fest this year?

Either way, has got you covered. Stay tuned here for pictures and notes from this year’s 100% sold out Great American Beer Festival, happening in Denver, Colorado.

We’ll get the impressions and beer notes from all of your favorite locals, including Dave Coleman (of The Big Hunt), Rachel Murray (of Brickskeller and DC Beer Goddess fame) and Hollie Stephenson (from The Black Squirrel).

If there are specific beers, breweries, or other bits of information that you’d like us to report on, just let us know in the comments below. So grab a beer, keep your interwebs at the ready, and enjoy the Great American Beer Festival with your friends at!