Summertime offers the distinct advantage of a lot of beers that are well suited to the weather and to sharing your love of beer with other friends. Many are well-acquainted with summer styles like wheat beers, typified by Hoegaarden, Sam Adams Summer Seasonal, Bell’s Oberon, or even Blue Moon. There is now a great number of seasonals from your favorite brewers which will appeal to everyone.

Here are some suggestions of great summertime beers to bring with you anywhere. Of course, this list is in no way comprehensive, so please share your favorite summer beers in the comment section below.

Southampton Double Witte

Gaining its “Double” moniker by being a rather high ABV choice, this is no wimpy witbier. A nice light body and pale golden color, crisp and refreshing with lots of complex flavors of banana, clover, lemon and of course – wheat. This beer is extremely drinkable and available in 6-packs at Harris Teeter grocery stores around the district.

Avery White Rascal


White Rascal is a bit of a sweeter wheat beer, with strong notes of orange and lemon. As the style should be, this beer is crisp and refreshing and perfect for your summer afternoon lounging on the deck in the sun. This beer is available at a number of beer and wine stores through out the area.

Allagash White

One of the most recognizable names in American craft brewing, Allagash makes everything from this great example of a classic style to their more intricate and complex beers. This beer is available on tap at restaurants through out the region and also in bottles at your local grocery and spirit stores.

Harpoon Summer Ale

This beer will surely become a classic for many craft beer enthusiasts. This beer has a clear grapefruit flavor that sets it apart and a balanced hop finish that one expects drinking Harpoon beers. This Kolsch style is a great choice for those looking for something different from wheat styles ubiquitous in summer.

Anderson Valley Summer Solstice

The Summer Solstice was the most recommended summer beer when I asked around for suggestions for this post. I think this beer is set apart by the nice malt backbone, making this ale something that will appeal to many different beer drinkers.

Ayinger Brau Weisse

For sour fans, this beer is a great choice. A true Bavarian beer, the Brau-Weisse has a great tart finish in addition to its traditional lemon, wheat flavors. This beer is renowned around the world. Look for it at craft beer bars around the area.

Dogfish Head Festina Peche

The fine folks at DFH have titled this one a “Neo-BerlinerWeisse.” Festina Peche gains its name from the fresh peach juices brewed into the beer, making the aroma and flavor distinctly peachy. This beer is also very true to its style, which means it is tart, which nicely balances the sweetness. Look for it in 4-packs at stores or you can grab it to go or on draft at the area’s DFH brew houses.

Be sure to visit places like Brasserie Beck, The Black Squirrel, Café Belga, Capitol Lounge or Café Berlin for a chance to sit outside and enjoy the beer and sun.

Hopefully, you have found some new beers to try this summer during your upcoming BBQ’s, beach vacations, or just lounging on the patio of your house or favorite beer bar. And like I said above, share your favorites in the comment section too.