With the Annual DC Snowpacolypse upon us once again I did what any DC resident would do, I went to the store and bought supplies to hoard for the inevitable downfall of civilization brought on by a few flurries. Ok, its not a few flurries this time (we might even have Thundersnow!), and I didn’t stock up on supplies.

I stocked up on BEER!

So should you. Here are some beers you can get at DeVinos that would be perfect for when you are snowed in tomorrow.

Moylan’s Spiced White Christmas Lager – A 6% ABV lager with holiday spices is sure to warm up any of you cold-fermented beverage lovers out there. This one has Curacao, Mace, Cinnamon, Coriander and White Pepper to make you feel like your by the fire even if you’re on that last bit of kindling.

New Holland Cabin Fever – Your stuck inside your grouphouse with all your hill intern roomates, what are you gonna do? Play a lot of Wii sports probably. Unless the power goes out. Then you might go stir crazy. Solution? Cabin Fever Brown Ale. It’s probably just the thing to keep you from going insane and killing all your housemates like in that movie Cabin Fever. (Actually, in the movie the water supply was tainted and thats kinda what gave everyone that wierd flesh rotting disease, kinda like the DC water supply right? The only guy who didn’t get infected drank beer for the whole movie! True story. Drink this beer instead of tap water all weekend.)


Legacy Nor’ Easter – Oatmeal stout with hints of chocolate notes? Sure you might think you want hot chocolate, but this is probably more like it. Plus you don’t have to heat this up on the stove when the gas stops working. Legacy claims this is ‘robust’ like a winter storm. I figure it’ll tide you over.

Bell’s Winter White – When you look outside Saturday afternoon and you see just a sheet of white blinding your vision, you could pull the shades, relax, don’t worry and have a…ahem… craft brew from Bell’s. If I had just found out the world was ending I’d probably reach for my secret stash of HopSlam for one last swig, but since this is just the Snowpacolypse, lets just have some Bell’s White. It’s a wheat beer fermented with Hefeweizen and Belgian yeast strains for a unique combination of styles and flavors.

BrewDog Storm – So this is what I stocked up on. Brewdog Storm says it all. We are getting two feet of snow, so I am gonna drink a whiskey barrel aged IPA. This beer will warm anyone up. In fact, I might carry an emergency flask of it with me tomorrow for reviving travelers trapped in snowbanks. A beer that tastes like peat moss has got to wake people up.

DeVinos is located at 2001 18th Street, NA in lower Adams Morgan.