Wow, just when you think you are done writing an article, you’ve left out a few or maybe you didn’t even know some existed. File this one under ‘new to me.’

Iron Horse: A helpful beer industry source has told me that another bar is opening up in the Gallery Place neighborhood called Iron Horse. This one is gonna be right next to The District Chophouse. So after you’ve had your fill of steak and locally brewed beers (I had their Wheat Wine and Dopplebock last night–both are super strong but very effective winter warmers for the weather we are having), you can head next door for darts, shuffleboard and a few tasty microbrews. My source tells me they will have 20 draft lines and no bottles. The downside is that 15 lines will range from domestic to middle ground craft which might mean some American lights up to Sam Adams and Sierra. Hopefully we can have them go heavy on the last two brands? Luckily there will also be 5 rotating high end craft and import lines which sounds promising. From the website it looks like it will be a motocycle themed bar.

Read a little more info at PQ Living
Iron Horse Website

Jack Rose: Also I forgot to add some information on Jack Rose. Whereas before I made it about speculation, I realized I actually have heard from the guys opening up Jack Rose and the beer is going to be impressive! They are planning on having 20-30 taps and unlike Bourbon they are planning on doing some import specialty beers as well!