Probably one of the best beer tasting events of the year  got both a little small and a little bigger this year. First off, the two night engagement got cut back to one night. At first the split up was an attempt to save people’s livers but this cancellation might be to a lucky ticket holder’s gain–depending on your opinion about super strong beers in mass quantity. The Holiday Extravaganza will be crammed into only one night, Wednesday, Dec 16!

I got to attend one night of the Extravaganza last year (see my write-up here) and it hosted brewers and beers from Brewer’s Art, Legends, Star Hill, Sweetwater Tavern, White Marsh’s Redbrick Brewery, Flying Dog, Vintage 50, and Franklin’s. Remember that was when they had split it between two nights with different brewers and breweries each night. Could Wednesday be all these guys plus a bunch more? My guess would be yes. Prepare your liver accordingly.

The Brick says its the “easiest and cheapest way to sample the Mid Atlantic craft brewed winter seasonals, meet the brewers that created them and hear them speak,” and I tend to agree.

The event costs the same as last year: $35 and if two nights were supposed to have a dozen brewers, look for a full house of awesomeness this Wednesday starting at 7:00PMish. Go to for tickets.

Brickskeller is located at 1523 22nd Street, NW, Washington, DC.