Yours For Good Fermentables has the scoop on the new Dr Dremo’s! The previous owner has announced plans to re-open Dr. Dremo’s in a new spot by Spring 2010.

Where? See YFGF:

In Clarendon, near the Metro station. The building exists already, but it’s essentially a shell that will need a kitchen, bathrooms, HVAC, etc.

via Yours for Good Fermentables â„¢: Reviving Dr. Dremo’s.

The bar is planning to have 25-40 taps and perhaps even some contract brewed beer if they can find a small enough brewery to work with. Decor will be a throw back to the old Dremo’s–a site now rubble and grass where contractors bulldozed it before the economy collapsed. I’m guessing they brought the wrath of some angry Tiki god down on themselves when they forced Dremo’s to close.

Anyway–another great beer bar in Clarendon, perhaps the return of the ‘punching bag game’ and the resurrection of a force for craft beer in the DC area! Woo hoo!