On your way home from work tonight, stop off at P Street Whole Foods and stock your fridge with a few beers to keep you warm this week. We spotted some new ones that you might be interested in trying…

The Bruery Hottenroth Berliner Weisse:
They’ve been slowly increasing their stock of new Bruery offerings and this latest one is rare enough that pictures of the bottle don’t seem to exist online. Although rare, it’s scoring an A- at BeerAdvocate so it must be good. It’s been described as light yellow with a flavor reminsiscent of lemons.
fluxus 2009,

Laughing Dog Dogfather Imperial Stout: The leaves are blowing across the ground, acorns are denting the cars outside my apartment. Its time to start upping the stout consumption. This Imperial Stout isjust about 11% ABV, some of it has been bourbon barrel aged, and it’s got 4 types of hops to add a nice kick.

Southern Tier Old Man Winter: A thick Winter Seasonal from the Willy Wonka-esque brewery that just brought us that crazy Pumpking beer. This is a hoppy malty old ale and it’s actually only 7.2% ABV

Bells Two Heart IPA in little Kegs! Sure its a little to big and syrupy to be an IPA and its a little too small to be an Imperial, but thats not gonna stop you from buying one of these mini-kegs.

Rogue Yellow Snow IPA: I don’t here much about this IPA from Rogue, but I really enjoy it every winter. It comes in a growler which is also a nice touch.


Delerium Noel: For you Belgian fans, Delerium Noel has arrived. It’s a Belgian Strong Dark Ale which might not be the thing for those Delerium Tremens lovers, but giving it a shot might open a world of delicious beer.

Starr Hill’s The Gift: This local brew described as a Winter Bock is a great entry level beer for the non-craft beer drinkers in your life. Bring a six pack home to Dad for the holidays and see if he will put down his Michelobe for a little more tasty lager. It has a richer malty/toffee flavor than what he’s used too, but if he likes it, it might be the gift that keeps on giving.