A massive copper back splash reminiscent of a classic brew kettle serves as the focal point of the dining room–its copper pipes rising into the ceiling like a church organ serving to deliver beer to the first floor’s numerous taps that protrude from the metallic wall.

The new sign hangs outside the old Dakota Cowgirl space, the papers that once cut off the world from the going’s on within have been town away. Tables now fill the once debris filled restaurant to be. The people behind Birch and Barley / Church Key have been hard at work. Just a few days ago the place still looked like a work in progress.

According to a super secret source who I talked to at a bar in DC, the Birch and Barley crew are trying for a Monday opening! Could it be possible? Yes, I’d think so. From what I could tell peering in the windows. Maybe even earlier from the looks of it. The tables are in, the taps are installed, the beers been delivered and its probably cold enough by now.

Still no word on the list of 555 beers they will be stocking, but I heard from another source that the soon-to-be-opening beer mecca will have some super rare Founder’s Canadian Breakfast Stout. Think awesome Founder’s Breakfast Stout, now age in barrels that that have been somehow absorbed maple syrup flavors. Don’t ask me how they did it, just tell me how it tastes when these guys finally open.