DCBeer was on the scene this weekend to check out Rustico’s Oktobeerfest. Early in the day the rains threatened to make the event a bit of a battle with nature but just after the start, the sky cooperated and the blue skies started to peak through. With the arrival of the good weather there also arrived the crowds. The event was pretty thick with local beer lovers, but the major bottle neck was really only getting your tickets initially. Most of the beer lines moved pretty quick.

My future bike

Mainly we were there so we could win the Harley, but so far we haven’t gotten a phone call about when we should come pick it up. Needless to say, despite not having the bike in our possession yet, we were pretty happy with the event.

Crowd drinkin'

The local restaurant company NRG (they are opening Birch and Barley) had all of their gourmet chef mindshare out in full force providing top notch food for a pretty good price–when you think about what it’d cost to get the same stuff at any of their restaurants.