Chances are, you’ve never heard of a “Brew on Premise” Brewery. To be honest, neither had I until recently discovering Shenandoah Brewing of Alexandria. The concept of a “Brew on Premise” is simple as the brewery provides the ingredients, equipment and expert advice, then steps back as you brew your own beer from scratch.

Upon arriving at Shenandoah Brewery, I immediately noticed the laid back atmosphere and gathering of locals there. Shenandoah has some interesting, knowledgeable employees who attract customers of the same mold and love to talk beer. I was immediately greeted by a staff member who was eager to show me around and talk shop. Perhaps it was the Abita shirt I was wearing but I continued to get the same, friendly vibe as I tagged along with several groups as they were working through their recipes.

Brewing at Shenandoah

The brewery is roughly 5,000 square feet, including a brewpub, brew house, bottling area and several fermenting / conditioning rooms. The brew house has eight kettles that are constructed of stainless steel and in pristine condition. The kettles are eye-catching, and can be seen throughout the brewery. Shenandoah has three seven-barrel fermenters for customer use, and one 10-barrel fermenter for its commercial brewing operation.