So if you didn’t get to go last time, tonight might be a great night to try that new local brewery Holy Brew. The new brew is returning to Bar Louie after winning the last round of the Local Beer Challenge and now they are up against Dogfish Head in the final round.

Sure going to the bar next to the movie theater is a little weird, but this way you can get some Holy Brew then go see District 9. Strange bar locations, strange beers, strange movies, all part of a great night at Gallery Place…

Not sure what beers people are voting on, but Holy Brew specializes in a light lager and a pilsener so patrons might be comparing those to something like a Dogfish Head 60 Min. If Bar Louie is mainly the realm of Bud Light drinkers I could see who might come out on top on this one. However, that said, converting Bud Light drinkers to a local craft pilsener give Bar Louie hero status in my book.

The event starts at 7PM. $5 at the door gets you in the door with a domestic (?) draft and a vote in the contest. The winner of the final round will be on tap all next month (win!).