The sign is down! After knowing for so long that Birch & Barley would one day inhabit the old Dakota Cowgirl spot, we’ve waited patiently for the big sign of the previous inhabitant to disappear. Today, after being inspired by Young and Hungry’s long-form piece on Birch and Barley’s new chef, I thought I’d head down and snoop around the work site a bit.

I got to meet the owner Michael Babin who (was probably curious about my snooping) told me that all the beer on their Birch and Barley and Church Key beer lists would be available interchangeably at both places. They are also planning some opening events to celebrate the much anticipated addition to the DC beer scene.

The beer paradise is supposed to open sometime in September ending the frustration of many a DC beer drinker each time they’ve peered through the windows of the old Dakota Cowgirl. It might not look like it from the pictures below, but they actually are in the final phases of getting the restaurant up and running.

Young and Hungry have a great article about the Birch & Barley’s new chef choice. Kyle Bailey is a 29 year old graduate of the Culinary Institute of America who recently left an executive chef position in Manhattan. One of the best things on his resume is that he is a homebrewer! Perhaps he’d be interested in the DC Homebrewers. Y&H asked him the important questions about his position, where does he stand on the beer:

Without question, the chef said. He’s even an avid home brewer, and better yet, he’s almost giddy at the thought of developing a beer-oriented cuisine at Birch & Barley. “I’m excited by any chance to cook with beer,†he noted, “and not poach fish with Coors Light, but really cooking with beer.â€

Birch & Barley Hires NYC Chef to Replace Frank Morales – Young & Hungry – Washington City Paper.


He get’s started on Sept. 1st and that means the doors to the restaurant must be opening soon there after. Check out these pics after the break…

The sign is gone! Click below for more pics…