American Latinos have long been a part of America’s beer history. Today, they’re pushing the beer industry forward with beers brewed with unique ingredients (hello, piloncillo), generations of brewing families, and inclusive taprooms.

Mike got to pick hops with Dr. Theresa McCulla, curator of the American Brewing History Initiative, and heard more stories about the role of American Latinos in our beer history. Dr. McCulla also gave details on an upcoming event at the Smithsonian Museum of American History. Last Call will explore the past, present, and future of American Latinos in beer (get your ticket!). So, Dr. McCulla tells us about the four incredible brewers who will be featuring their beers and gives us glimpses into their diverse stories and how generations of families are a part of their business histories. 

In other beer history news, we come live from the first-time-ever winners of the Battle of the Barrel Aged Beers and give all the exciting previews for beloved Snallygaster 2022!

Get tickets to Last Call: ¡Salud! to American Latinos in Beer!

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