There are towns where everything feels right. Sperryville is the little town tucked in the Shenandoah mountains where you run to when you need to escape the city. Yet a trip to Sperryville is only made whole when you taste the goodness of the native beer, natural cider and wine of Pen Druid Fermentation.

Mike sits down with Jennings Carney, co-owner of Pen Druid Fermentation. Jennings is one of three Carney brothers who operate the company. He shares about the evolution from Pen Druid Brewing to Pen Druid Fermentation, how long the brewing process takes to get the beer from the barrel to the glass, how the seasons truly affect the brewing process, the intention that goes into the ingredients of each batch, and why it’s so worth making the trip to Pen Druid in beautiful Sperryville. Lastly, Jennings tells us all about Yeaster, an upcoming event that includes a delicious lamb roast, cider release, and wine & food pairings from Domestique Wine and Sumac Restaurant

In other news Jake, Brandy, and Mike revel in the wonder of dry beers & ciders, and share exciting news about ChurchKey, Silver Branch, and Old Ox. Other shoutouts and beer releases include Red Shedman Brewery, Manor Hill, and Other Half

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