Beer can taste delicious, but how good can it be if it doesn’t do fantastic things for its community? Josh Chapman thought long and hard about this question. So he started charting a path with Black Narrows Brewing to take simple ingredients from local sources to make Authentic Local beer in Chincoteague, VA. 

Mike shares a pint with Josh, Co-founder and Head Brewer of Black Narrows Brewing. When Black Narrows opened, Josh and his team wanted to set the bar of what local beer should look like. So they decided to follow this principle: find the best local ingredients in season and don’t alter them by much. Josh shares how by this principle, Black Narrows is crafting local beer that focuses on its locality and community while being flavorful and delicious to drink. 

In other news, we have fun events like beer tastings, festivals, beer & cheese pairings, and a homebrewer’s competition coming up! We give all the details so everyone can have a very brew-filled weekend.  

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