It’s patio season. Dunkels and tripels are overflowing. But you know what we’re most excited about? One of our favorite neighborhood breweries is back.

Mike sits down with Ben Evans and LT Goodman from Hellbender Brewing Company after the brewery’s period of intense trials. Back in March, Hellbender lost their ABC license and was unable to operate. But they are back! 

Ben and LT tell us about the reopening process, the triumphs they’ve seen, and the challenges they still face. Ben also shares about new beers coming out this season and how business owners can take care of mental health when not tending to their breweries. We revel in why we need our local neighborhood breweries and discuss how people can currently support Hellbender. 

In other news, the gang announces a beer release from Three Stars, tries an amazing collaboration from Streetcar 82 and 7 Locks, and gives details for Land Beer Fest, and LGBTQ+ events coming up like Proud to Say Gay, and Queer Beer Fest

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