Welcome to The DC Beer Show! This week, we’re diving into DC’s thriving craft beer and beverage scene. Brandy, Mike, and Jake discuss their current drinks, including a black lager and Amaro. Jake shares a recipe for an Amaro-beer cocktail.

Get out and about to the latest events happening in the beer community, including lagers and saisons at Churchkey and a lager festival featuring Schilling, Good Word, and Bierstadt in Alexandria. 

But wait, there’s more! Jake interviews the founders/owners of the third black-owned brewery brand in Virginia, Strange Fruit Brewing, and discusses their first beer, the hazy Subtle Nod. We’ll discuss their background in home brewing, their experience in finding a brewing partner, crafting their recipes, and designing their cans. 

We preview DC Beer’s July Beer Share and the Women’s Brew Culture Club at Denizens. 

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