DC Beer’s Richard and Mike speak with Elliott Johnson and Jahi Wartts of Soul Mega, one of the newest breweries in DC. Elliott and Jahi talk about the philosophy behind their company and their grassroots efforts to promote the Soul Mega brand.soul-mega

The Embodiment of Greatness

Elliott and Jahi met through work about ten years ago. Both novice homebrewers at the time, they quickly began trading beers, then collaborating on brews, and finally scaling operations. After receiving positive feedback from a number of friends, they began making plans to establish their own brewery.

When Elliott and Jahi started their brewery last year, they chose the name “Soul Mega,” which means “the embodiment of something great.” Indeed, they see Soul Mega not only as a brewery but as a lifestyle brand. Both co-founders embody this philosophy in their operations, as each uses his unique strengths to help bring excellent beer to the customer. 


Building Relationships Directly with DC Customers

Elliott and Jahi have been working at the grassroots level to build their customer base since it began operations a year ago. They have presented their beer at several DC-area events, including Trill Grill Fest, and they are planning a number of popup events in the future (including a December 21, 2019, Festivus celebration). Soul Mega’s beer is also available at Pub and the People, HalfSmoke, Mr. Braxton Bar & Kitchen, Present Company, and Capo Deli.

Elliott and Jahi continue to improve the Soul Mega brand recognition by introducing themselves to as many locals as possible. As beer wholesalers, they recognize that customer relationship-building is the key to success in establishing a following in Washington DC.

A Global Spin on the First Beer

Soul Mega’s first beer on the market is the Worldwide American Pale Ale. Jahi explained that Worldwide is a stylistic mix of several beer types from around the world, including American Pale Ale, American IPA, American Wheat, and Belgian. Its diverse flavors appeal to multiple flavor palates so it can be enjoyed by all. 

Elliot and Jahi are currently working to put additional beers on the market, including a Black IPA, Red Ale, and Rye Porter. Stay tuned for these new beer releases, as well as upcoming events, by checking out Soul Mega’s website and Instagram

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