This special episode of the DC Beer Show is all about Snallygaster 2019, happening Saturday, October 12, 2019.

With special guests Sarah Jane Curran and Jacob Berg!

Snallygaster, a one-day beer festival put on by the beer minds behind Bluejacket, Churchkey, The Sovereign and more, takes place directly on Pennsylvania Avenue in DC and will showcase 400 different beers from around the world. While it can be a bit overwhelming to know how to navigate and what to try, the DC Beer Show has your back!

Out of the 400 beers at Snallygaster 2019, 100 of them will be Hazy IPAs, Hazy Pale Ales, or Double Hazy beers. There will also be 110 sour beers with adjuncts, and 55 stouts either barrel-aged or adjuncted. These are the top three types of beers that will be showcased at the Snallygaster event, but so many more will be on-site to try – from pilsners to ciders, lagers, saisons, and more.



To help you make a decision on where you may want to start, or beers you can’t miss, Sarah Jane Curran, host of Beer Me on Full-Service Radio and Jake Berg, Editor of join Richard to share their top picks. They each give their overall top five beers you need to try, while also giving the top beers to try in each category (IPA, Sours, Stouts, even Line Beers).

Make sure to check out the Snallygaster 2019 Power Rankings to help you navigate, located on! While VIP tickets are already sold out, it’s not too late to snag your General Admission Snallygaster tickets. For more information on the event, visit the Snallygaster website.

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