Alfred Rotimi was studying all things psychology, biochemistry, and neuroscience when he decided to start a brewing business with his family. Right after they launched, the COVID-19 pandemic began, and Alfred quickly had to pivot his business. To hear this story, Jake sits down with Alfred, founder and president of Joyhound Beer Company in Baltimore. 

Alfred shares how his background in biochemistry influenced him to get into brewing back in his college days, how confusing it can be to start a business, and ultimately how he learned to adapt Joyhound to rapidly changing times. Among other things, Jake and Alfred discuss the quality & caliber of beers we drank back in our young adult days and the resurgence of the west coast IPA. 

In other news, Brandy, Jake, and Mike give details on upcoming beer events this weekend, including events at Three Stars, a Meet & Greet Women in Craft Beverage at Other Half Brewing DC, and Love Thy Beer in Silver Spring, MD. 

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