It’s the dog days of summer. Thirsts need to be quenched. What do we recommend? Your local homebrewers summer pints.
Today, Brandy hangs out with Mike Lastort, lover of ska AND the incoming president for the DC Homebrewers Club. Mike tells us if his first homebrew was good or not, what he did to become a better homebrewer, and who ended up drinking all his crafted brews during the pandemic. Mike also shares how he plans to incorporate more women and people of color into the DC Homebrewers club, a space that has typically been with mostly white men.
After, Mike, Jacob, and Brandy discuss the first beer made from all-Virginian ingredients, reflect on Brandy’s merry birthday shenanigans and finicky DC brewpub vs brewery laws, and debate over a certain local brewery who may or may not have cursed a Washington sports team.