Multi-platinum, Grammy-nominated recording artists Nappy Roots chats with Richard in this episode of the DC Beer Show. 

Nappy Roots

You may be asking yourself why are rappers on the DC Beer Show? The Nappy Roots artists are the owners of the Atlantucky Brewery outside of Atlanta, GA, and were in town on their Great American Beer Run tour across the US.

Atlantucky Beers

They share with Richard their evolution from drinking beer in the early 2000s to now being craft beer connoisseurs and brewers. Currently, Atlantucky doesn’t have an official spot to brew but they have brewed with various breweries across the United States. Nappy Roots tells Richard about some of the brews they have made – many named after some of their hit songs – and which breweries they are brewed from.


Nappy Roots TV Show

Nappy Roots is getting ready to release a TV show called 40 Akerz and a Brew. The show follows them around the country and documents them trying different beers, learning more about the beer-making process and the efforts that go into trying to open a brick-and-mortar brewery. 

After Richard gives them a brief history of the origins of the IPA, the group discusses their favorite types of craft beer. They also disclose some of the collaborations they have coming soon. 

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