Adam and Richard find themselves back at Dynasty Brewing Company, but not to talk about Dynasty. Instead, they are talking to Alex Lynch, from Mieza Blendery. In 2011, Alex began focusing on sour and saison beers in his unfinished basement, which is where he fell in love with the mixed culture fermentation beers.

What is a Beer Blendery? 

Mieza Blendery contracts out the wort production process of making beer and focuses solely on fermentation. A beer blendery creates multiple beer components with the intention of blending those components together to create the final product. This can come mixing together diverse barrel flavors, fruits, mieza-blenderynuts, spices, and more. 

Since blenderies can focus all their energy on the fermentation process, they often create beers that are more complex and tend to lean on the sour side of craft beer. 



Historically focused on wine but making its way into the craft beer industry, “terroir” refers to specific characteristics and flavor profiles that result from the specific location where ingredients are grown and fermentation takes place. Adam and Richard ask Meiza Blendery’ Lynch to explain how he utilizes “expressions of terroir” in his blendings and the opportunities that it provides him.

What Makes the Perfect Beer Blend?

There is a magic that takes place in the process of blending beers together. Alex speaks about having to rely on his gut when putting blends together as well as the diversity and reliability of his product.

With Mieza Blendery being only a year old, Richard, Adam, and Alex look ahead to the future and what might be in store.

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