DC Beer’s Richard and Adam sit down with Richard Cauble and Brent Turner to talk about Midnight Run Brewing in Frederick, Maryland.midnight-run-brewing

Humble Beginnings in Richard’s Garage

Richard and Brent are family friends who began brewing together in Richard’s garage about seven years ago. Over time, their homebrewing operations expanded in scale and frequency. As garage space dwindled, they started looking to relocate.

The first major breakthrough for Richard and Brent occurred four years ago when they obtained a permit from the Brewers Association of Maryland to provide beer samples at the Maryland Craft Beer Festival. After receiving enthusiastic feedback from festival beer drinkers, they decided it was time to move operations into a new facility.

Expanding Into an “Overgrown Homebrew System”


Richard and Brent opened Midnight Run Brewing in Federick, Maryland in late 2017. The brewery’s name is a tribute to their late nights of brewing and bottling beer in Richard’s garage. They describe their brewhouse as an “overgrown homebrew system,” which includes three barrels, a hot liquor tank, a mash tun, and a brew kettle. 

Richard and Brent are splitting time between their “day jobs” and the brewery. They are able to brew once or twice a week, serving mostly their taproom and a limited number of locations around Frederick. With the help of an excellent staff, their taproom is open Wednesday through Sunday (check their website for hours).

Chef-Inspired, Flavorful Brews

Richard is a chef by trade. He was introduced to Belgian-style beer early in his cooking career and was immediately drawn in by its complex and flavorful taste. Since then, he has taken a culinary approach to beer by integrating the best ingredients and not constraining himself to strict brewing guidelines or labels. Richard and Brent both see themselves as non-conformist brewers who make strong, flavorful beer.

Midnight Run Brewing offers a wide selection of high-ABV beer, ranging from Hazy IPAs to Blonde Ales to Spicy Stouts. They typically have ten beers on tap, and continually rotate production. One favorite currently on tap is Gingerbrent, a holiday beer made with molasses, ginger, cinnamon, cloves, and milk sugar. Check out their website for a full listing of beers on tap.

Plans for Future Growth

Richard and Brent consider their current location to be a “proof of concept brewery” and plan to continue to grow operations. They recently began offering crowlers and plan to begin canning beers in the near future. They anticipate continued growth–possibly even to new locations–as demand increases.

With rich, flavorful beers and growing operations, don’t be surprised to hear more and more about Midnight Run Brewing across the DMV in the coming years. 

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