In this captivating installment, our hosts delve into upcoming craft beer events and some crazy news about Valor Brew Pub. On the lighter side, Jordan chats with Elliott Johnson of Soul Mega about the next Summer beer release and their  Second Annual MEGAFEST.

On Saturday, July 15, events include the All-American Beer Festival at the Bullpen, the Old Town Pub Crawl in Alexandria with Port City, and Denizen’s 9th-anniversary party in Silver Spring. On July 22, head out to Dock 5 at Union Market for the (D)rafts and (C)rafts festival from the DC Brewers Guild and the DC Makers Guild.

But the main attraction in this episode is MEGAFEST, the Black-owned beer festival meets block party in celebration of Soul Mega’s 4-year anniversary, on August 26, 2023.

As the first Black-owned beer festival in the nation’s capital, this event will bring refreshing craft beer styles, wines, and alternative beverages brewed by regional minority-owned brands alongside local food vendors. MEGAFEST connects diverse groups of people in a safe environment to network, unwind, create new experiences, and revel in Black culture at one of DC’s historic neighborhoods. Visit for tickets.

A head-on view of beer in a glass, with condensation on the consumed half and amber beer on the lower half, separated by foam
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