Jace Gonnerman, Beer Director

In this episode of the DC Beer Show, Jace Gonnerman, the Beverage Director for Meridian Pint, Brookland Pint, and Smoke & Barrel drops by and chats with RiJace chard. Jace shares with the DC Beer Show how he sources craft beer for each of the three restaurants, and how they all have their own personalities and customers.

Craft Competition

Richard gets Jace’s opinion on the competition that his businesses are faced with as craft beer is becoming more common in restaurants and bars throughout the area. There is not only a spike in restaurants but also a spike in restaurants that are looking to serve local craft beer to their patrons. Jace goes on to share how this impacts Meridian Pint and the other two restaurants.

They also discuss how more and more breweries are focusing their energies on the tasting room experience and thus, in turn, the arc of where customers are going to get their beer is shrinking. They chat about the concept of a restaurant-first business that has craft beer, where customers can get food and enjoy the atmosphere in order to stay a while.


Craft Beer Trends

Jace tells Richard his view on the craft lager and pilsner revival that seems to be happening in the DC area, and if it is a local or national trend. He shares his thoughts on certain craft beer trends that he is and is not on board with.

Jace goes on to tell Richard that he is loving Silver Branch and Astrolab right now and shares that he does not remember the last time he opened a beer at home.

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