Well, there’s good beer news, and there’s bad beer news. We’ll start with the bad news. And that is, beloved Rocket Frog Brewing is closing their doors this weekend. 

Richard Hartogs joins the show to tell us about the last few years for Rocket Frog, the highs, the lows, and the difficult economics of brown ales. Richard and Jake discuss: if brown ales are hard to sell off the shelves, what can you do if you make a killer brown ale? And, does barleywine bring life or death for a brewery? But above all, we discuss how we can send Rocket Frog out in style at their farewell party this upcoming weekend. One thing is clear, Richard does not want to be a funeral but a celebration of all their accomplishments. 

In good beer news, Mike Stein played Rudolph the Red-Nosed Beer Deer and dropped off beers for the DC Beer Crew, and they recommend the best batches to listeners. Lastly, the gang details the many holiday markets and events happening at our favorite breweries. Go support your local breweries!

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