Adam and Richard travel to Halethorpe, Maryland to visit Heavy Seas Beer

Officially named Clipper City Brewing Company, Heavy Seas Beer, was established in 1994 by Baltimore brew-pub owner Hugh Sisson. Brewmaster and Operations Manager Chris Leonard and Brewing Team Lead Brett Hagood join Adam and Richard in this episode of the DC Beer Show.

Richard and Adam are joined by the team from Heavy Seas Beer.

Beer Breakdown and History

Richard and the Heavy Seas Beer team give a rundown on the history of Heavy Seas, including how it sprang from the first brewpub to open in Maryland since the Prohibition Era. They also discuss the impact that founder Hugh Sisson has had on the DC, Baltimore, and Virginia craft beer scene. 

Adam asks Chris and Brett about two of their very popular beers, Loose Cannon IPA and Peg Leg Imperial Stout, and the breakdown of each. Heavy Seas also has moved outside of traditional beers and is now producing experimental brews in a fifteen barrel experimental brewhouse. Chris and Brett talk about what goes into making a beer and how they determine if an experimental batch should be produced or not. 


Guinness Moving In

Recently, Guinness moved in down the street from Heavy Seas. The four discuss how the “new kid on the block” has impacted their business, and if any changes had to be made when they came in. They also mention how having a “big name” brewery has brought people into Halethorpe.

Looking Ahead

Finally, the four discuss the new beers that will be released soon. They are currently working on Night Swell, a dark IPA, and a 24th Anniversary ale that will be a Hazy IPA with a 14% alcohol content.

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