In this episode, we dive into the changing landscape of the craft beer industry, including Flying Dog’s acquisition by FX Matt, the closure of the Guinness brewery in Halethorpe, Maryland, and the closing of Astrolab.

We also shout out the Lost Generation/Bluejacket/50 Hertz Tingly Foods collaborative beer Tiger Spirit, which supports Chefs Stopping Asian American Pacific Islanders Hate.

In this episode’s interview, Brandy speaks with the owners of The Brew Shop in Arlington, Virginia, to discuss the journey from home brewing to planning a home-brew store to opening their beer, wine and home brew shop on the Rosslyn-Ballston corridor.

Upcoming beer events include Oud Beersel Lambic Tasting with Master Blender Gert Christiaens at The Sovereign on May 31st, and in June include the 6th annual Pride Pils collaboration from DC Brau and Red Bear. Get the full calendar at

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New intro music by Maurice Daniel Arrington:

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