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Liz Garibay and Dr. Brian Alberts talk about beer history

In this special episode, Mike Stein sits down with Liz Garibay and Dr. Brian Alberts, two beer historians. Liz specializes in Nineteenth-Century beer and alcohol history and is the Founder and Executive Director of the Chicago Brewseum, a museum that focuses on the history of beer. Brian specializes in the Nineteenth Century brewing industry and German immigrants’ effect on it.
Liz Garibay, Michael Stein, and Brian Albert talk about beer history
Liz Garibay, Michael Stein, and Brian Albert
The three discuss common misconceptions that surround the brewing industry and its history; everything from the amount of beer that was consumed in the Nineteenth Century to the Prohibition Era. Additionally, they chat about links between Chicago and the DC area, from a beer perspective – the first president to brew beer while in office was President Obama! As promised, here are the recipes.