Elder Pine Brewing & Blending Brews What They Love

The Brew Daddies travel to Gaithersburg, Maryland to visit Elder Pine Brewing and Blending Co. This newer farm brewery was previously a Christmas tree farm and is in an agricultural reserve. Elder Pine focuses mainly on distribution and canning and can be found in over 100 locations throughout Maryland, with long term plans to expand into Washington DC and Virginia.

Pliable Foe from Elder Pine Brewing

In mid-May, they opened their unique wood-themed taproom to the public. They specialize in blending and strive to make the best beer at the best time. They enjoy making dark easy-to-drink beer that beer drinkers can enjoy; one such beer is their Pliable Foe, which is easy enough to drink they have deemed it their “breakfast beer.”

Be sure to visit the farm brewery during their Christmas in July event!

Find Elder Pine at:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/elderpinebeer/
Instagram/Twitter: @elderpinebeer