Adam and Richard sit down with Favio Garcia, Partner and Director of Brewery Operations at Dynasty Brewing Company, in Loudoun County. 

As one of the “Godfathers of DMV Brewing” Favio worked at various breweries in the DC area before opening Dynasty Brewing Company. When he got his start in the brewing industry many years ago, it was still referred to has micro-brewing. At that time, beer was not allowed to be sold directly to customers within the breweries; the only revenue that could be made was during beer tours. 

Brewery Business Models

The three converse about the evolution of the craft beer industry. They consider the various brewery business models and the advantages to the popular model that is now spreading across the craft beer community.

Dynasty Brewing Company’s New Beers


Favio divulges how the beer known as “Tuppers” came to be and has traveled from Old Dominion Brewing Company to Dynasty Brewing Company with minor changes to the recipe, and he reveals the future dynasty-brewing-companyof packaging for the beer.

Recently, Dynasty has started to dabble in barrel-aged beers with local bourbon and whiskey barrels to give their taps a variety of flavors.

Adam and Richard ask Favio what breweries and beers in the area he is currently enjoying and excited about. Listen to find out which breweries and beers made his list.

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