Richard hosts the first DC Beer Show in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic. Richard speaks with a number of stakeholders in the local beer community to talk about how breweries are handling the coronavirus amid mandatory closures on all bars and restaurants in DC and Maryland. Richard and his guests also discuss what federal, state, and local governments should do to ease the pain, and how YOU can support breweries during these tough times.

Greg Parnas Discusses Legal Mechanisms for Breweries

Greg Parnas, who is a writer at DC Beer and partner in the DC Beverage Law Group, discusses how breweries can manage the financial implications of coronavirus. Greg notes that many breweries could exercise force majeure provisions within their work contracts. Breweries can also exercise clauses related to impracticality or impossibility of carrying out certain tasks. Breweries should study these contracts to determine how to ease financial burdens as revenues dry up.

Red Bear Brewery Is Open for Takeout, but the DC Government Must Ease Financial Pain

Simon Bee and Bryan Van Den Oever of Red Bear Brewery discuss how local government officials can help ease the financial burdens. They believe that governments should help defer three types of payments: loans; payroll; and rent. Such deferments will help keep Red Bear and other local breweries afloat.


Simon and Bryan also note that Red Bear is offering food and growler takeout from 4:00PM to 9:00PM during weekdays (check their website for weekend hours). They are also doing their first beer canning next week, which they hope will help be added to their takeout menu. Be sure to visit Red Bear soon to buy some beer, as well as gift cards and merchandise!

Denizens Calls for Strong Government Actions to Save Small Businesses

Julie Verratti, Chief Brand Officer / Founder of Denizens Brewing Company, outlines recommendations for how federal, state, and local governments can help breweries and other small businesses navigate these difficult financial times.

On the federal level, Congress must issue an immediate moratorium on commercial debt, mortgage, and rent payments. These actions can help small businesses maintain their workforce, pay their workers, and continue operations. Julie emphasizes that the federal government must focus on helping small businesses to ensure the financial stability of millions of the Americans employed by these small businesses. She also recommends a moratorium on personal debt, mortgage, and rent payments.

In addition, Julie believes that state and local levels should stop collecting taxes and fees until the coronavirus situation ends. Governors should declare their states as disaster areas in order to allow businesses the ability to apply for disaster funds. All government officials must also give flexibility to small businesses seeking new, creative ways to generate revenues.

Julie calls on everyone to urge their elected officials to help small businesses and to ensure a bottom-up economic recovery.

Julie also noted that Denizens is currently offering food and beer deliveries on the Denizens Beer Mobile, which is serving the Silver Spring and Riverdale Park areas. Be sure to order some Denizens beer if you live in the area!

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