Adam and Richard visit DC Brau, the first production brewery in DC since 1956. They sit down with brewery founders, Jeff Hancock and Brandon Skall, to discuss the history surrounding the brewery and brewery legislation that had to take place in order for beers to be served in the brewery itself.

Brewery Market Evolution

When DC Brau opened its doors in 2011, there were only 1,500 breweries open country-wide. Today, that number is upwards of 8,000. Given these statistics, Adam, Richard, and the DC Brau founders speculate if the market is becoming too saturated as well as what breweries are needing to do to stand apart from the rest. They touch on the evolution of brewery models — the distributor model to the taproom model.

DC Brau + Jameson

DC Brau and their Jameson cask-aged aleRecently, DC Brau has started working with Jameson Irish Whiskey and has been releasing two beers every year that are aged in Jameson barrels. Jeff and Brandon share their decision to sustain the flagship beers for so long before making changes earlier this year. One of those major changes being the new brewing system they have put into place that has significantly improved DC Brau’s brewing processes.