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Commence the Beer Festivities!

Winter is ceasing its ugly gloom, and behold! Spring is upon us! Commence the release of cherry blossom beers, baseball beers, and best of all, beer festivals.

Beer events in the DMV have been on hiatus since the pandemic started, making the upcoming festivals all the more special. In this episode, Jake talks about the upcoming Maryland craft beer festivities with Brett Snyder, president of the Brewers Association of Maryland and co-founder of Waredaca Brewing Company. Jake and Brett also discuss the ins and outs of true farmhouse breweries, why selling beer at farmers’ markets is so important, what legislative action is happening on the MD beer front, and why the Maryland Craft Beer Festival and Love Thy Beer events are worth attending.

In other news, Jake and Brandy share beer releases, including baseball & Pride beers from DC Brau, and punny beers from Astro Lab

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