After the wonderful Meet & Greet with women in craft beverage in DC, we wanted to keep the party going. So we continued the conversation with two women leading the DC Beer scene today. 

Brandy talks with Carly Klima of Port City and Bri DeOrsey of Right Proper Brookland to tell us about their journeys in the industry and the efforts to make beer more inclusive and welcoming. Carly and Bri share their unique experiences in the back-end brewing and front of house. Then, they discuss the importance of support and collaboration among women in the industry, their favorite beers to brew and drink, and what the future holds for women in DC’s beer scene. 

In other news, baseball is back in season, and we share an exciting announcement about the beers the Nats will be offering. We also offer our predictions for how much this year’s team will make us want to drink. Lastly, we share about the beers we’re breaking out this Spring search and a new monthly women’s brewing meetup.

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