DC Beer’s Richard sits down with Julie Verratti of Denizens Brewing Co. and Mike Stein of DC Beer and Lost Lagers to talk about the upcoming release of a new American-style bock beer called Bock to the Future.bock-to-the-future

An 80-Year Old Brew

Bock to the Future is the result of a collaboration between Mike Stein and Denizens’ Chief Beer Officer, Jeff Ramirez, as part of the DC Beer’s 10 Beers for 10 Years series. The inspiration for this beer came from the archival collection of American brewer Walter Voigt, which is located within the National Museum of American History’s Archives. Voigt, who studied brewing at the famous Siebel Institute Of Technology in Chicago, left behind a recipe for an American-style bock last brewed in the 1930s. Mike and Jeff resurrected this recipe and began to brew Bock to the Future in September.

A New Take on the American Bock


This Voigt-inspired beer is a craft American-style bock brewed with a combination of pale malt, crystal malt, black malt, and rice; an Andechs yeast from Jasper Yeast; and Nugget and Willamette hops. Mike expects this simple grist to create a complex taste to give drinkers a traditional American bock flavor.

Check out More History of American Craft Beer 

Bock to the Future brings alive the deep and rich history of American craft beer. You can find out more about the history of American craft brewing at the American Brewing History section of the National Museum of American History’s “Food Transforming the American Table” exhibit. You can also check out DC Beer’s recent conversation about American brewing history with Exhibit Curator Theresa McCulla

Bock to the Future will be available this month at Denizens’ locations in Silver Spring and Riverdale. 

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