Hey there Brewery Lovers! First off, Richard screwed up multiple times by saying we were in Fairfax, Virginia. We were at Mad Fox Brewery in Falls Church, Virginia. Apologies to everyone for that error.

In this episode, we spoke with legendary brewer Bill Madden of Mad Fox Brewing Company, who graduated from the Master Brewer Program at UC Davis in 1995 and has been a professional brewer for nearly a quarter-century. In 1995, Bill came to D.C. to brew at Capitol City Brewing Company.

Bill discusses the incredible rise of hyper-local breweries and taprooms and the end of new regional breweries in the area. People won’t travel as far to try a brewery now that more neighborhood taprooms have open across the region.

Bill and the Brew Daddies discuss his commitment to real ale and how he sees the American craft beer industry moving toward wild fruit and candy additions that perhaps go beyond innovation. He also talks about some of the exciting events coming up in the next few months and some unusual collaborations—including one with a local barbershop.

This is one of our favorite episodes and we really enjoyed our time with Bill. Mad Fox is definitely worth a visit!