DC Beer’s Richard speaks with two sets of guests on today’s show: Brendan O’Leary and Brian O’Connor of True Respite Brewing Company talk about the new online beer marketplace Biermi; and Matt Humbard of Patent Brewing Company highlights his new Facebook Live events.

Biermi Platform Continues to Grow

DC Beer listeners may recall Richard’s previous interview with Brendan and Bailey O’Leary when they discussed the launch of biermi.com, a new online marketplace that provides breweries a free-of-charge platform to connect with customers seeking beer deliveries and pickups. In this episode, Brendan and his close friend Brian recount the rapid launch of the Biermi platform.

On Friday, March 13, Brendan gave Brian the go-ahead to develop Biermi. Brian spent 19 hours straight over the weekend to create the platform. By Monday, March 15, Maryland announced restaurant and brewery closings and, soon after, gave approval for beer deliveries. That same day, True Respite publicly launched Biermi.


The Biermi online beer marketplace platform is picking up steam just one month after its launch. It now hosts 71 breweries across nearly 30 US states (and counting), has processed over $430,000 in revenues for the breweries, and (most importantly) has helped breweries retain cash flow and jobs.

In the near term, Brian plans to continue to improve the functionality and offerings of the platform to help breweries and customers get through the COVID-19 pandemic. In the long term, Brendan and Brian hope to expand upon Biermi to offer brewery management functions (such as monitoring keg levels). They also believe the platform can be expanded to a number of other sectors, such as coffee houses, wineries, cideries, etc. In short, Biermi is here to stay.

Matt Humbard Answers All of Your Questions

Matt Humbard of the Patent Brewing Company is a staple of the DC craft brewery scene. He is well-known for his expertise in microbiology and the science of beer. Matt is now taking his knowledge to the people. Every Wednesday, he hosts an “Ask Me Anything” Facebook Live event on Patent Brewery Company’s Facebook page. Topics normally focus on the brewing and distilling processes. If you are free on Wednesdays (and we know you are), check out Matt’s live events!

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