It’s September. Some would say fall has arrived, but that’s up for debate. More importantly, we’ve entered DC’s biggest season for beer, and a Medieval Throwdown is Upon us. 

DC beer lovers are getting jazzed for one event in particular – Battle of the Barrel-Aged Beers, the event that sets off DC Beer Week. Woop woop! Jake sits down with Colin McDonough of Boundary Stone to hear what the 2022 medieval throwdown holds for our favorite local breweries, and how they will battle and joust to brew the best barrel-aged beer. Colin and Jake also discuss the decrease in beer events in the District, if they will make a comeback, and also dabble on the subject of barrel-aged barleywine. 

In other news, Brandy isn’t quite sure what she was thinking as she is going out of town and missing one of the biggest weekends for DC Beer in September. While there may not be anymore medieval jousts, Oktoberfest and DC Beer Week are coming up! Jake kindly reminds Brandy of all the fun events she is going to miss and also announces new brewery locations opening up and delicious new beer releases.

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