One year ago, we were itching to travel, but we couldn’t. So we used beer to venture outside the DMV. While travel may have opened up since then, beer is still the most accessible way of trying the various brewing styles from all over the world. We’re back in the Alps with Jeff Ramirez, Chief Beer Officer of Denizens Brewing.
Denizens will be releasing a new edition of their Hike the Alps series, and Jeff shares which delicious beers will be making a comeback and which will be new. Jake and Jeff geek out about lagers, discuss Denizens’ other releases coming out before Hike the Alps, establish why Denizens Hard Seltzer is worth supporting, and discuss which Denizens beers are best for certain local basketball players with shotgunning needs.
Beer releases galore! The gang shares about a sneak peak of a new beer from Silver Branch, and highly anticipated new releases at Capitol Cider HouseThree Stars, and Red Bear. Northeast DC will be popping off in beer events in the coming weeks and Brandy gives all the necessary details.
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